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Elite Design & Manufacture Specialists


Special Ops Automotive - Motorsport & Automotive Design & Product Supply Specialists

Cambridgeshire UK based - Elite Automotive Precision Design, Prototype & Manufacturing Specialists.


Hello & thank you visiting Special Ops Automotive web site, we are a precision products and components creator mainly delivering quality component / products to the Automotive markets. What gives Special Ops the edge is our use of a wide range of manufacturing capabilities to create amazing high quality parts and assemblies for some of the most prestigious Motorsport & Automotive Brands in the world. As you look through our site you will spot some of the clients Special Ops has the privilege to work with.


Special Ops Automotive - Manufacturing Specialists:

  • Fuel / Oil / Water Aluminium Tanks & Systems

  • Aluminium & St/St Pipe work

  • CNC Machining Alloy / St-St / Mild Steel / Titanium

  • Production laser fusion 3D Printing

  • Sheet metal fabrication & welding Alloy / St-St / Mild Steel

  • Fluid transfer braided brake hoses


Special Ops Automotive - Product Creation & Design Consultants:

  • Fuel / Water / Oil applications

  • Hydraulic Systems

  • Brake, Clutch & Accelerator Pedal Box Assemblies

  • Hydraulic Handbrakes

Special Ops Automotive - Motorsport & Automotive Services:

  • Branded Products - Design & supply retail-ready product ranges on behalf of established brands

  • Client Design - Optimise client designs for fabrication and quote to manufacture and supply components to agreed design specifications

  • Client Collaboration – Formulate client ideas, concepts and designs for prototype, test & manufacture of components / finished products


Design, Fabrication & Full Assembly is the backbone at Special Ops. 


Special Ops work to a Stage Gates Project Management  - Project Plan Process

('GO / NO-GO' Stage Gates)

Consult - Stage 1: Early Stage Support

Consult-Stage 1

Advisory & consultancy 

('GO / NO-GO' stage gate)

Design Stage 2

Design-Stage 2

Proof of concept to final product

('GO / NO-GO' stage gate)

Manufacture and assembly stage 3

Manufacture & Assem-Stage 3

Full integration

('GO / NO-GO' stage gate)

product test stage 4

Test-Stage 4

Performance & reliability testing

('GO / NO-GO' stage gate)

support stage 5

Supply & Support-Stage 5

Supply, support & training


GO / NO GO Stage Gates - Detailed

  • Consult - Stage 1: Early Stage Support in the form of consultancy & advisory. Due to the diverse nature of Special Ops capabilities, this can range from strategic consultancy, materials, fit for purpose or advice on the latest trends in digital manufacturing to technical consultancy & feasibility assessments - Report to Client - Do we 'GO / NO-GO' To Next Stage?


  • Design - Stage 2: Proof of Concept Design & Design Analysis - Special Ops has a wide range of technical design capabilities available including - Calculations, Simulations, Design Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (DFMEA), Computer Aided Design (CAD), Aerodynamics & CFD, Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Software, Automation & Control Systems & Simulation - Compare Analyse Success against Costs - Report to Client - Do we 'GO / NO-GO' To Next Stage?


  • Manufacture & Assemble - Stage 3: Full System / R&D Version - Special Ops are able to deliver fully assembled solutions. Through both our in-house capabilities and our wide supplier network, our projects are delivered using Additive Manufacturing (‘3D Printing’), Composites, CNC Machining & Metal Fabrication - Analyse Success against Costs - Report to Client - Do we 'GO / NO-GO' To Next Stage?


  • Test - Stage 4: R&D Version on Test Rig / Vehicle or Application - Special Ops recognise that performance is critical - We have significant experience of testing & validation using a variety of methods including including static & dynamic, endurance, crash & impact & in-field - Analyse Success against Costs - Report to Client - Do we 'GO / NO-GO' To Next Stage?


  • Supply & After-Sales Support - Stage 5: Product / Component or Batch has been signed off & Supplied - Special Ops prides itself by supporting its clients throughout the project life-cycle, so offers a range of after-sales services including training, continuous improvements & updates, site and factory acceptance testing, certification & traceability.

We are Specialists in Design, CNC Manufacture, Sheet Metal Fabrication, Special Custom Parts, Bespoke Components & Deliver Fully Assembled Products to Customers / Partners Specifications. We relish Working With Clients to Overcome Design Issues & Solve Engineering, Manufacturing, Fabrication Problems. 

Working With You! Supplying Components or Fully Assembled Products to ISO 9001 Quality Assurance Standards to Your Schedules & On Time!

Contact Special Ops to Discuss Your Requirements:

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